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Fanfic: Simply A Backstory - Princess Tutu Community

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July 2nd, 2014

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06:31 pm - Fanfic: Simply A Backstory
Hello, I'm new to the entire livejournal experience, and relatively new to the PT fandom. But I've recently finished a fanfiction, and before I start posting would like to have someone beta/edit it. Because I can only catch so much on my own. Warning, it is a long one, but it is complete, and I've done one round of edits on it. I plan to start posting chapters on my fanfiction.net account once the edits are finished.

Brief summary: Princess Tutu only had a few lines in the original 'The Prince and The Raven.' But when Fakir needs a subject to write about, there's not a lot of options that will motivate him enough to get through a story. So he investigates. However, even stories that are already over can be influential...
Wordcount: ~81,000

Anyone interested? Leave a comment or message me, please~

EDIT 7-9-14:
I'm now posting the fic in chapters on fanfiction.net; here's the link. It's titled "Simply A Backstory" because I'm problematic with names like that.

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Date:July 8th, 2014 11:45 pm (UTC)
Bother, I hope the wordcount didn't scare everyone off...
Well I know this place isn't very active, but if I don't see any replies soon, I'm probably just going to start posting it on ff.net. I'll put a link up here for those who are interested~

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