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December 12th, 2013

09:52 am - ballet question
A friend and I went to see The Nutcracker recently. It was wonderful, as usual, but during one of the dances (maybe the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy), I noticed that the ballerina's stiff-looking tutu is smashed up against her male partner's face during the lifts. Can anybody tell me how the male dancers keep their faces from being scratched all to hell?

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December 7th, 2013

11:40 pm - A boy and his duck. FOR REALZ.
A boy literally carries a duckling that has imprinted onto him around to classes.  THERE ARE PICTURES.

More here:

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November 13th, 2013

07:59 pm - Princess Tutu icons
134 x Princess Tutu (eps 7-12)

pt2 125 pt2 72 pt2 22

@ my DW

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October 31st, 2013

12:18 pm - Happy Halloween!
I want to write some sort of ghost story/Halloween fic for Princess Tutu someday, but I haven't been able to think of anything good yet.

But in the spirit of the season, who or what do you think the Princess Tutu characters would dress up as for Halloween?

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October 9th, 2013

03:05 pm - Subtle princess tutu (princess Kraehe) fan art

Princess Kraehe and the Birds by =skimlines on deviantART

I had this as a print at AUSA this past September. I'm hoping to have it at Katsucon and Anime Boston next year.

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06:33 pm - “Servant of Evil” and “Daughter of Evil”
Hello everyone.
This is my AMV that I made, actually “Servant of Evil(悪ノ召使)” I had already finished for two years ago.
“Daughter of Evil(悪ノ娘)” I just finished few days ago.
Then I want to share them to you. Hope you enjoy it.
(Sorry my English is not very good. > <)

“Daughter of Evil(悪ノ娘)”

Daughter of Evil: Rue, Princess Krache
Servant of Evil: Fakir
Daughter of Green: Princess Tutu
King of Blue: Mytho, Prince Siegfried
(Daughter of White: Ahiru)

“Servant of Evil(悪ノ召使)”

Daughter of Evil: Rue, Princess Krache
Servant of Evil: Fakir
Daughter of Green: Princess Tutu
King of Blue: Prince Siegfried

Thank for your watching. :)

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September 30th, 2013

06:06 pm - Princess Tutu icons
171 x Princess Tutu (eps 1-7 + PV)

pt 21 pt 77 pt 130

@ my DW

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10:49 am - A Tale of Wilis and Wizards

Drabble Title: A Tale of Wilis and Wizards
Word Count: 462
Rating/Warnings: T for death
Summary:This is the story of how a man changed his name.

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September 10th, 2013

07:10 pm - A Tale of Love
Drabble Title: A Tale of Love
Word Count: 239
Rating/Warnings: T for death
Pairings: Loys and Giselle from the play Giselle
Summary:This is the story of how a man became a writer.
Note :I’d love feedback on this one. I think I’ll try to update it once a month. This is my first time contributing to this fandom.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was in loveCollapse )

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August 5th, 2013

01:37 am - Fakir sings Wish Upon a Star?!
Well, sort of.  It's Fakir's Japanese seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai, singing the song in Japanese. You can still imagine it's Fakir. XD There's a somewhat lengthy intro; the singing starts at around 0:27.
(direct link that jumps to the vocal is here: http://youtu.be/7Se5uQ6Hf-Y?t=27s )

Current Mood: amusedamused

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July 10th, 2013

07:20 pm - Fic: "The Engine Driver"
I hope it is OK to post this fic notice here. It is a fusion of BBC's Sherlock and Princess Tutu, with plenty of Tutu references, from its notdead!Author to a certain piece of jewelry...

The Engine Driver (7821 words) by wiggleofjudas
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Princess Tutu
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Irene Adler/Molly Hooper
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Irene Adler, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Mike Stamford, Arthur Conan Doyle
Additional Tags: Metafiction, Writing, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Alternate Universe - Reincarnation, Crossover, Fate & Destiny, Free Will, Dance Metaphors

Characters who come to life fight an author who writes after death for control of their fate. A Sherlock/Princess Tutu crossover.

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June 8th, 2013

01:29 pm - Ahiru is watching...
Anatidaephobia - The Fear That You are Being Watched by a Duck

I can't believe this is an actual word.  XD
Current Mood: amusedamused

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June 7th, 2013

10:08 pm - Meta Comment-a-thon!

(click on the picture)

Hey guys! I put a couple Princess Tutu related topics on page 5, if anyone wants to have some awesome meta discussion!

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May 29th, 2013

07:59 am - [10th Anniversary of the Happy Ending] Princess Tutu - Warm Bodies Trailer

R: Fakir
M: Autor
Julie: Duck
Perry Kelvin: Mytho
Nora: Pike & Lilie
Julie's father: Mr. Cat
Soldier: Paulo, Lysander, and Femio
Corpse: Gold Crown Town's residents
Bonies: Ravens and Princess Raven
Attacked human: Rue in Krache's form

10th Anniversary of the Happy Ending: http://cckh.deviantart.com/art/Princess-Tutu-10th-Anniversary-of-the-Happy-Ending-369360761

Read more...Collapse )

Hope you enjoy the show!

My tumblr: http://nyx-psycho.tumblr.com/post/51563140152/10th-anniversary-of-the-happy-ending-princess-tutu

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May 28th, 2013

01:06 pm - 90 icons

over here at karlsefni

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March 28th, 2013

08:24 pm - PT tumblr group
Hey guys, I know that most people here have been moving onto tumblr now since this community has been getting a bit quiet, and even though I would love it for this comm to be really active again I also think it'd be a good idea if we can share our tumblr urls as well so we can still find each other. To get things started by url is dittobird, hope to find more of you guys on tumblr :)

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08:19 pm - Princess Tutu amv - Don't Cry Out

A remake of an old amv. I'll be re-uploading some of my old pt amvs soon like 'Stranger than Tutu' so stay tuned ;)

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March 24th, 2013

12:07 am - PT Parody Trailer - Oz The Great and Powerful

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Current Mood: okayokay

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March 19th, 2013

10:12 pm - Clip searching
Hi sorry to be a pain again but Im looking for a clip for an amv I'm making and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere! Its of princess tutu with a swan behind her with a blue background I think. . . if you know what I'm talking about (which I doubt XD) and you know which episode I can find it in that'd be great!

EDIT: This is the image but I can't find the episode that its from

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March 18th, 2013

06:11 pm - Princess Tutu complete colllection
I found this on the amazon uk marketplace and I'm just wondering, is this real?

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